Welcome to Little Salkeld Watermill

Little Salkeld Watermill is located within the beautiful Eden Valley, Cumbria. Built in the 18th century it is one of the few remaining independant working watermills. All produce is organic and available to order through the online store. There is a selection of flours, grains/museli and oats to order.

Do you love Pancakes?

Have you got all the ingredients ready to make delicious pancakes like these?

We have a special flour to help make them taste extra special, in 500g and 1kg varieties

New Products

We now have a limited supply of yeast available to order in either 125g or 500g

Selection of Flours

All our organic flours are milled to order in a variety of weights ranging from 500g to 12.5kg. There are a variety of speciality flours for making Pancakes to baking different breads.

The Watermill

Little Salkeld Watermill is based in a small village on the outskirts of Penrith in the Eden Valley.

Owned by Phil & Cheryl Harrison since 2014, the mill specialises in producing stoneground organic flours from British grain. The flours are great for home baking breads, cakes and scones.

Grains, Brans, Flakes & Muesli

Biodynamic & organic

Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to producing food. It originates from the work of Dr Rudolf Steiner in the 1920’s who introduced the integration of scientic understanding with the spirits of nature. To find out more you can visit biodynamic.com.

At Little Salkeld Watermill we source many of our wheats and grains from biodynamic / organic certified suppliers.